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Euro Whips / Re: Stiggy Pop's Smelly Old Volvo
« on: November 24, 2015, 03:23:11 PM »

this Spring I swapped from ms2 v3 on stock ignition to Microsquirt V3 running ls7 coils in wasted spark. Built a whole new engine harness, relay/fuse panel etc.

Re-did the fuel system to accomodate the new intake manifold/fuel rail setup. Did all -6 stuff on the pressure side. Also I do not pass up opportunities to show off the under side of the car...

The unnecessarily fancy air filter

I put a set of Recaro SRD's in it. Interior is pretty done now (not in this pic). Even got a shift boot on it finally, just need to wire up the aux gauges and the inside is done for me.

nice clean holes for me to stick my boost into

the bonerific head. hnggggh

notha bay shot

I bought a slow blue Swedish car to drive back and forth to work in the rain and snow.

Euro Whips / Re: Stiggy Pop's Smelly Old Volvo
« on: November 24, 2015, 02:59:47 PM »
Remembered this place existed. Y'all are too kind. I think I was at 14psi on a rougher tune when we all met up, been running a smoother 20-21 psi since then - significantly faster. About a month ago it started pinging on me in higher gears on long pulls. Haven't figured out why yet, AFR's are 11.5:1 when it's happening, plenty of fuel, all should be well. I'm down to thinking it's winter blend gas messing with me or it's something that will become evident when I pop the head off.

Just about done driving it for the year. No heat right now and when it's 30degrees I get wheel spin even in third on cold tires. I've half a mind to see if I can blow the motor in front of my Dad's place before I park it, but I've never been one to willingly kill good parts. We'll see. 21psi, 7krpm on a clattery 250k mile untouched motor except a cam. Color me impressed.

Winter work is gonna be the built motor I've been blathering on about for a year now. Nice long H-beam rods with light weight Wiseco's, ARP studs, CNC shaped head with monster valves (+4mm on the exhaust!), much bigger cam. Should be a totally different animal, expecting it to rev a lot faster and spool earlier. Then I'm going to decide I'm done street tuning it and just pay someone with a dyno to dial the thing in for me.

Goal is 400+whp which should definitely be reasonable with the setup. All gonna be down to tune.. There are similarly built 8valve setups doing over 500whp on e85 but don't really plan to push it that far to the edge.

Nissens HD rad and e-fan setup to put on
All new bumpers and bumper trim that actually fits properly
NOS beltline trim to put on
Aux gauges to wire up
Need to break the wheels apart, have the centers re-coated, polish the lips and put brand new hardware in them
New tires
blah blah.. plenty to do. I always get way more done during the winter than I do when it's actually nice out. I want to paint the car eventually, same color just knock the old paint off and get a new coat on. Probably wait another year for that though.

More recent piccies

Buying a house has proved to be an excellent way to neglect car projects by the way. Oh and also you guys must have gotten under my skin because this is the next project:

Euro Whips / Re: Stiggy Pop's Smelly Old Volvo
« on: May 06, 2014, 02:56:59 PM »
The turbo goes braaaPSSSHHHHH

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Euro Whips / Re: Stiggy Pop's Smelly Old Volvo
« on: March 27, 2014, 06:53:15 PM »
Would you describe that turbo as "sufficient?"

Bricks have really evaporated from my local market lately :(

It sure looks big. I'm interested to see what it drives like. The header should help a lot with spool, but I'm sure I'll need to do some work to the head to really wake it up. Part of me thinks I may end up wanting something more like a Garrett GT for response but we'll see.

Where are you at? There's a decent amount in the North East but a lot are getting pretty tired by now. SW cars tend to get baked out, the West Coast seems to have the best of it.

Tiny AGM battery. Polished the IC pipe. I think I want to have the battery bracket powder coated black.

Euro Whips / Stiggy Pop's Smelly Old Volvo
« on: March 21, 2014, 07:43:06 PM »
I am too lazy to repeat everything so for most of the details check out:

The short story: For some weird reason I like arguably ugly Swedish cars with turbos. Last January I bought a 1979 Volvo 242 in Hadley that had been sitting in a barn since 2002. The guy had LEAD bodywork done with new sheetmetal right before he parked it, so the outside looked pretty good. The rest of it was mostly a mess. So I started taking it apart, then I took it really apart. Now it's kind of together again.

There's more in the tbricks thread, but for now here's the highlights.

Speed, power, sex appeal. This vehicle represents none of those qualities.

Oh, dear

on the plus side absolutely nothing was useable. oh...

That wasn't gonna cut it. Once you scrape, the fun don't stop

more better

And then I bought this thing cause it was all braap I'm a race car station wagon with megasquirt, ridiculous Koni coil overs, a ford racing version of the t5 transmission, and ballin ass rims.

I am the Leonardo da Vinci of frame jigs

Then lift, gut, smash bang clang. Now the gold car is a piece of shit

And the 242 came out stuntin on fools

then I killed another Volvo

because engine

But that sure is a small turbo. Hmm, this one is much MUCH bigger! Bigger is fun!

Now it's like dis

winter yard mode

I am planning on building a block while I drive on this one. I'd like to have ~350whp in it eventually.

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