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Euro Whips / Stiggy Pop's Smelly Old Volvo
« on: March 21, 2014, 07:43:06 PM »
I am too lazy to repeat everything so for most of the details check out:

The short story: For some weird reason I like arguably ugly Swedish cars with turbos. Last January I bought a 1979 Volvo 242 in Hadley that had been sitting in a barn since 2002. The guy had LEAD bodywork done with new sheetmetal right before he parked it, so the outside looked pretty good. The rest of it was mostly a mess. So I started taking it apart, then I took it really apart. Now it's kind of together again.

There's more in the tbricks thread, but for now here's the highlights.

Speed, power, sex appeal. This vehicle represents none of those qualities.

Oh, dear

on the plus side absolutely nothing was useable. oh...

That wasn't gonna cut it. Once you scrape, the fun don't stop

more better

And then I bought this thing cause it was all braap I'm a race car station wagon with megasquirt, ridiculous Koni coil overs, a ford racing version of the t5 transmission, and ballin ass rims.

I am the Leonardo da Vinci of frame jigs

Then lift, gut, smash bang clang. Now the gold car is a piece of shit

And the 242 came out stuntin on fools

then I killed another Volvo

because engine

But that sure is a small turbo. Hmm, this one is much MUCH bigger! Bigger is fun!

Now it's like dis

winter yard mode

I am planning on building a block while I drive on this one. I'd like to have ~350whp in it eventually.

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